Active vs Passive Learning

What is Active & Passive Learning?Passive and active learning refer to two distinctly different approaches to absorbing information. Passive learning involves consuming information without requiring any active engagement or interaction, such as listening to a lecture, reading a book, or watching a video. Active learning, on the other hand, involves engaging in thought processes and […]

Taking Notes In College Lectures

Taking notes during college lectures can be a difficult task, as lectures can often lack engagement, while students may also be distracted or dealing with stress. Without actively engaging in the lecture material, students may become “mindless scribes” and simply rewrite what they hear without critically examining the content. To prevent this, students should strive […]

Reading Faster to Learn Easier

Reading in the academic world involves recognizing and understanding text in order to apply existing concepts to new problems, as well as discovering solutions. In reality, reading is the intake of information regardless of its delivery method. Although we learn how to read during school and are encouraged to take on challenges by progressing towards […]