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Ramont Smith

Taking Notes In College Lectures

Taking notes during college lectures can be a difficult task, as lectures can often lack engagement, while students may also be distracted or dealing with stress. Without actively engaging in the lecture material, students may become “mindless scribes” and simply rewrite what they hear without critically examining the content. To prevent this, students should strive to become what could be termed “mindful scribes,” actively listening for the lecture content and then taking notes on the new thoughts or ideas generated from the material.

These notes should be more than just a transcription of the lecture. It should capture the main points, any new ideas or questions generated from the material, and any connections to new concepts that may arise during the lecture. In this way, instead of taking notes, students should think of themselves as writing a “lecture script,” actively engaging in the material and taking notes on the discoveries and insights that arise from the lecture.

To become a mindful scribe, students should focus on the lecture and the material being presented. Rather than just listening and taking notes, they should critically think about the material, formulating questions and connecting the new information to existing ideas. This method of active learning will help the student understand the material more thoroughly, leading to better long-term retention and application. 

Students should also strive to create organized notes that capture the main points and ideas presented in the lecture. They should pay attention to their note-taking methods, as tidier and easier-to-follow notes can help a student quickly understand and review the material. If a student finds it difficult to keep up with the lecture, they can also use their time in-between classes to further explore the lecture material and add on to their notes.

Overall, taking notes in lectures is an important part of the college experience. With focus and active engagement, students can become mindful scribes, transforming lectures into an effective learning environment. Taking organized, meaningful notes will result in better long-term retention and understanding, leading to the student becoming a more successful and engaged learner.

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