Study Environment: Create Mild Learning Pressure & Stress

When the school year arrives, many students face the challenge of finding a study environment that will best serve their academic needs. Common sense tells us that a quiet, stress-free atmosphere should be sought in order to absorb information. Although this is beneficial to overall study productivity and efficiency, there may be an even more […]

Lecture Note Taking: Mindful Scribe or Mindless Scribe?

The ability to transform lecture material into mindful notes is a skill that requires practice, discipline and creativity. Students who don’t invest in learning how they learn or in college academic learning workshops often find themselves taking notes as mindless scribes. Taking notes of only the lecture material is not the goal, notes should be […]

Memory Loss & Spaced Learning

Learning is an action we perform from the moment we are born. As humans we learn, then forget and re-learn information. This cycle creates long term memory. For example, parents repeat information to children basically until children repeat it back. This shows the natural dynamic between memory loss, spaced repetition and spaced speaking review. These […]

Visualization: Increase Understanding and Unlock Your Ability to Share

Using visualization while learning can trigger active learning in a passive learning environment Visualization helps to transition passive learning environments into active ones, in which students think critically and explore the material being presented. Through visualization, you can observe how information is being received and stored in the mind and build a foundation for exploration. […]

Lecture Max Learning App

Attention all college students! Are you tired of sitting through boring lectures and feeling like you’re not retaining enough information? Do you struggle to focus or stay engaged during class? Well, we have some incredible news for you! Our upcoming learning app is about to change your life forever. Introducing “Lecture Hacker” the ultimate habit […]

Scientific Method Meets College Lecture

Our thoughts about the future affect our current state. For example, if you’re going on a vacation next week you may feel excitement today. Or on your way to an event, you feel nervousness or eagerness. Now imagine how students feel heading into a “boring” lecture in a course they don’t want to take. How […]