Ramont Smith

Ramont Smith

Competition To Enhance Learning

Competition offers a great opportunity to improve learning, both mentally and emotionally. It can push you to be creative and resourceful when solving problems and encourage higher levels of engagement with studies. Using competition responsibly will bring out the best in students and help them reach their full potential.

Take, for instance, my own experiences in college: I failed two courses initially. Rather than change my major or give up my summer break, I decided to take on the challenge head-on. I realized that as long as I scored better than most of my peers, I would pass – this gave me motivation to do small things requiring minimal effort, just a little bit more than the others – until eventually it accumulated into an epic learning process that worked for me during each course. This spurred me to start rewarding myself with fun activities after achieving specific goals; thereby self-regulating the tasks at hand before allowing leisure time for myself. 
Learning about how our minds work with regards to competition can be empowering – understanding group dynamics is also useful for positive outcomes. Therefore, it’s important for students entering college to explore this realization fully and strive to realize their potential through utilizing kinds of well rationed competitive spirit within themselves through micro-challenges that they set out specifically or agreed upon by classmates/teachers beforehand – inspiring one another along their individual journeys alike!

College freshmen can benefit greatly from the transformative workshop and every freshman should experience it. They will learn to challenge themselves to increase their memory retention and recall. As they succeed incrementally in applying this learning process they gain confidence in their abilities and thus become more eager to learn. Students who implement competitiveness in this learning process approach lectures with eagerness to see how much information they will recall immediately after lecture.

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