Ramont Smith

Ramont Smith

Relationship Between Curiosity & Emotion

Life-long learning is essential for staying ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving world. By nature, this curiosity about new things is inherent in children; however, it can start to diminish when they reach a certain age. This can be combated through creating intentional opportunities for learning that foster continual growth and development. Furthermore, many traditional educational systems fail to inspire motivation or trigger curiosity in adults and students past childhood. In order to motivate lifelong learners, we must focus on helping individuals understand how their learning can help them grow as people and chart their own paths. Through workshops designed to challenge students’ existing knowledge, they can gain the skills necessary to excel both academically and beyond. My approach focuses on utilizing motivation to create a self-driven desire for mastering one’s own learning process that allows them to take control of their future academic journey.

College presented a unique challenge that sparked my innovative problem-solving skills. After assessing my situation, I realized the traditional learning techniques were not enough to help me succeed. Thus, I started implementing constructive tactics to pass courses like attending office hours to engage in active learning. This naturally made me adopt a spaced learning approach to successfully master course material. As I grew more comfortable with this strategy my ability to understand and remember information improved significantly. I had greater confidence going into lectures because I knew that no matter how hard it got, I would have the chance to review after class.  I became more interested in lectures, not for the information but to test my ability to store & recall information. The realization that lecture is just a stepping stone of learning helped me overcome any mental blocks and allowed me to focus on content comprehension better. As a result of using a variety of effective tools, my overall academic performance drastically improved and I began to enjoy college life while meeting the rigors of college.

The transformative workshop we created offers students a chance to explore and develop their own understanding of lectures. The primarily focus is to recreate a lecture setting, while guiding students towards enhancing self-motivation skills to improve their education journey. The workshops trigger the student’s subconscious mind through experiences such as having them explain the concepts or take notes for one another, thus fostering an environment of learning and retaining information, which ultimately leads to knowledge retention and better understanding. Our goal is that once students learn how to unleash their curiosity and alter their emotional perceptions towards instruction, they will be able to create a unique environment of learning in every lecture they attend.

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