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Ramont Smith

Transformative Workshop

Welcome to the Transformative Learning Workshop for College Students!

Are you looking to improve your study habits and boost your academic performance? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Our workshop is designed to teach you how to learn using valuable techniques for retaining and recalling information, including the practice of speaking out loud while studying.

It’s also designed to show you why millions of students study using ineffective outdated methods. So many students are frustrated and often say they are not learning anything in college. After you realize the  it is easier to break habits and create new patterns in your life. This course helps empower you to express yourself using your voice in the academic environment and in life.

Speaking out loud is a simple but powerful way to engage your brain and enhance your memory. When you speak the information aloud, you activate multiple senses, which helps you to more fully process and understand the material. Additionally, when you recite the information out loud, you are essentially teaching the material to yourself, further solidifying your understanding and recall. But where do you begin?

Here are three simple steps to help you incorporate speaking out loud into your study routine:

1. Make small discussions before lecture. The idea here is to engage with the material before the lecture even begins. You might do this by discussing the topic with your classmates, brainstorming ideas, or writing down questions you have about the material. By doing this, you activate your brain so that you’re more receptive to the lecture.

2. Take notes like it’s a script. When you take notes during the lecture, aim to write down the information as if you were creating a script. This means being as detailed and thorough as possible, including key vocabulary, concepts, and examples. By writing a more detailed script, you’re better able to visualize the material, which helps you remember it later on.

3. Recite notes out loud after lecture. Once you’ve taken your notes, take a moment to recite them out loud to yourself. You might do this by reading through your notes or creating flashcards to quiz yourself. By speaking the information aloud, you’re reinforcing your own understanding of the material.

By following these steps, you’ll develop the “speak it to keep it” process, which will help you to remember information more effectively. And the benefits don’t stop there. When you learn to speak out loud while studying, you also develop a range of supporting study skills, such as note-taking, critical thinking, and problem-solving. These are skills that will serve you well not just in college, but throughout your life. So if you’re ready to take your study skills to the next level, join our workshop today! And be sure to check out our other resources, including our page on transforming note-taking into script making skills and our page on visualization skills which allows you to use your imagination to see yourself teaching others (link here).

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