Use Emotion To Increase Memory Storage

The power of emotion on memory storage can have a profound effect on how well we absorb and retain information. Learning is a process that relies heavily on our emotions, either consciously or unconsciously.  From a young age, we observe and experience how our emotions can improve our learning. As children, our curiosity and excitement […]

Don’t Try To Remember, Try to Forget 

When we learn something new, it seems like our only goal is to remember it as best we can. We might read, study, and revise to try to lock the facts in place,soliciting promises from ourselves that we’ll never forget them. And don’t get us wrong— recollection is important. Memory does serve some useful functions […]

Restructuring The Learning Process

In the times gone by, learning was a part of basic human dynamics and the way of life. Be it in the parent-child, tribal-nomad, agricultural-trade or apprenticeship-master model, the dynamics of how knowledge was acquired and shared has been changing with time and place. Now, with the rapid Industrialization of the world, it has pushed […]

Change Listening to Increase Learning Retention

Many high school and college students suffer from low learning retention, often relying on hours of grueling memorization and rote study to pass tests and complete coursework. To improve learning retention, students should consider changing their typical approach; of going to lecture first, taking notes second, reading third and finally asking questions. Instead, students should […]

Brain Plasticity

SectionsWhat is Brain PlasticityBarriers to Brain PlasticityIncreasing Brain Plasticity What is Brain Plasticity?Brain plasticity, also known as neuroplasticity, refers to the brain’s ability to change and adapt in response to experiences and behaviors. It is the brain’s capacity to reorganize itself, creating new neural connections and pathways throughout life.  The concept of brain plasticity suggests […]

Emotion & Curiosity

The impact of emotion and curiosity on learning and the aspects of education are topics that are just beginning to be explored. It is a fascinating aspect of the human brain and, often, an ignored one. Emotion plays an important role in learning since emotions can either facilitate or hinder the learning process. Emotions and […]

Relationship Between Curiosity & Emotion

Life-long learning is essential for staying ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving world. By nature, this curiosity about new things is inherent in children; however, it can start to diminish when they reach a certain age. This can be combated through creating intentional opportunities for learning that foster continual growth and development. Furthermore, many […]

Using Emotion To Trigger The Subconscious Mind

Have you ever experienced a situation where a particular event or a person has left such a lasting impact on you that you cannot forget it? It is likely because that event or person triggered an intense emotional response in you. Or have you ever been asked a question and you know the answer but […]